Using We Buy Houses Services When Selling Homes

Selling Homes

Okay, we all know there’s a house washing service out there, but do they sell houses for real estate? Yes. And the fact they are not regulated, and should not be confused with real estate agents, are a huge question mark. Okay, so let me get this out loud. Anyone who believes selling houses for real estate is a house washing service is not only deluding themselves but also quite likely committing fraud!

Instead of using traditional property-buying and selling processes, the new revolution in real estate called¬†We Buy Houses MA¬†services has taken hold. Essentially, the home sellers who use We Buy Houses services sign agreements with a professional cash investor. And the investor – yes, it’s a professional – buys homes from home sellers on the open market, then re-pairs the property to sell it again to a third party, pocketing his profit.

The purpose in writing this post is to hopefully demystify the money for houses industry somewhat in such a manner that will, in the least, enable home sellers to understand (as a whole) how truly (and why) to add real value to their personal situations, their families and prospective buyers. And yes, to be totally clear, there is no legitimate house washing service in this industry, and that is what makes it so different. When you go to a traditional sale, home sellers can set their prices based on whatever they feel is a fair market price. It’s a buyer’s market, and they set the price accordingly. If they need to raise cash for more houses, they simply take their money and buy more.

You see, the typical house-selling process…you locate a property, and the buyer contacts you, making an offer. You review the offer, explain your offers to your buyers, and either accept or deny the offer. In essence, you have two choices: sell fast, or sell low. If you sell fast, you raise money quickly; if you sell low, you can pocket the difference – depending on your negotiating skills of course.

It’s an incredible revolution in the real estate industry, and the best thing about it is that it’s been around nearly as long as the property market itself. Many years ago, home sellers would advertise in the newspaper that they were selling a property “as is.” And some real estate agents even made it a point to tell home sellers that they should avoid the open market altogether, because the potential buyers might be better off buying a home for which there are fewer competing bids.

But times have changed. Homebuyers no longer have to worry about how much a house is worth, because the professionals who use We Buy Houses services can take care of that for them. And they don’t even have to put in the time–and sometimes not the effort–to prepare a listing in the newspaper. Instead, they simply let We Buy Houses services handle the paper work and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their home will sell fast and on time to someone who is willing to pay more than it’s worth.

You might think it’s a ridiculous idea for a cash investor to purchase a home at full price. After all, aren’t the real estate markets in this country already flooded with plenty of houses? And aren’t you supposed to know what a good price is anyway? Surely, you think. But this is where We Buy Houses services come into play.

In fact, most real estate investors find themselves using We Buy Houses services when selling a traditional sale, as well as a short sale and an open house. Even those who are trying to flip a property can benefit from a listing service. When listing your home for sale through the traditional route, you may run into some resistance from home sellers who are worried about giving up their homes for nothing. But when you use a We Buy Houses listing service, these homeowners are more likely to be receptive to a cash offer that comes in at a much lower price than what they would get from a traditional sale.